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Why Tech Ladder?

Join one of the most in-demand professions on the planet

Why is Software Development a Great Career?

As you’ve probably noticed, software runs the world. From your mobile devices to your TV, from your car to your coffee machine, software is all around us. Behind all software is good, clean code. Over the past few years, the limits to what technology can do for us on an everyday basis has expanded, and with that has come a tremendous need for talented software developers to write the backbone of these technologies. This presents you with an incredible opportunity to take advantage of this huge demand.

This is where Tech Ladder Comes into Play.

We launched our nonprofit coding bootcamp knowing there is an increasing demand for skilled, hardworking software developers. We developed our curriculum with direct input from our corporate partners to ensure we train students in the very skills employers need in entry level developers. Our goal is to help put skilled students, like you, in those indispensable positions so you can start changing the world, one line of code at a time.


"The American dream isn’t just some fond faint memory accessible to only a certain kind of people, but is roaring here in Delaware."


Tech Ladder is a nationally-recognized coding school in Wilmington, Delaware, and one of the first nonprofit coding schools in the country.

We give our students an experience that fast-tracks them into a great career, at a great salary, and we do it in 3 months.

Through alliances with area companies, including several Fortune 500 companies, we’ve created a world-class curriculum.

Our educators have years of industry experience as professional software developers and are ready to teach you everything they know. Their experience, combined with input from our corporate partners, ensures our curriculum mirrors current industry needs and prepares you to step into any software development team and succeed.

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Why Java?

At Tech Ladder, our curriculum is centered around Java. We are laser-focused on your career development and readiness, and we place our emphasis here because Java is used everywhere.

Java is versatile and has similar syntax and concepts to popular languages such as C/C++, C#, Python and a number of other "rising star" languages, like Scala, Clojure and Kotlin.


Why Choose Tech Ladder?

Learn from professional developers in a classroom setting and build a portfolio of apps. Gain real-world experience that prepares you for a career in software development.

We teach Java and JavaScript. No other technologies will take you further in your career. Java and JavaScript are used inside the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

Our employer network puts you at an advantage. Real opportunities are available when you graduate, with successful and established companies. You’ll interact with career programmers throughout your time in the program who will help you uncover the exact strategies you need to be successful.

Affording a world class education has never been easier. We created our pricing model to make a career in software development as accessible as possible. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

12 Weeks of Training


Corporate Hiring Partners


Your Career

Tech Ladder's mission is to educate our students in the programming languages and skills that employers are demanding. This gives you an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in a program designed to launch your career as a software developer.

Our employer network is here for you. They help us create our curriculum, network with you and give tech talks multiple mornings every week. Connecting you with our partners from day one helps you foster relationships with hiring managers, so that when it comes time to interview, you’re more than just a name on a resume. This provides you with the best chance of success and gives you a broad professional network for your entire career in software development.

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