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Tech Ladder, a nationally-recognized nonprofit coding school in Wilmington, Delaware, matches companies with highly-trained, highly-qualified and diverse talent–helping its corporate partners to remain competitive within the technology sector. 

What's the process? 

What languages are the students trained? 

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What did they do before Tech Ladder? 

Do you have diverse candidates? 

When do the cohorts graduate? 

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Consider becoming a Tech Ladder partner and hiring a graduate. Through our partnership, companies within our network are able to:

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Tech Ladder partners with employers just like you, to find the talent you need.

We ask that in return, our partners agree to pay a portion of the tuition for the student you hire. We keep our tuition costs to our students very low to ensure we attract the brightest, most dedicated individuals—not just those who can afford the high tuition costs of many other boot camps around the country.

Ways to Engage

The level by which each partner engages with Tech Ladder, its educators and its students continues to evolve. In an effort to capture this evolution and communicate additional ways for local businesses, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and friends of Tech Ladder to partner with the organization, we created four distinct tiers of engagement.

Hiring Partner

A Tech Ladder Engaging Partner receives a unique experience to interact with candidates as they move through the 12-week program. This experience builds a deeper relationship between our partners and students, so when graduation comes the partner has a strong sense of who would be the best fit for their company’s culture. In return, Engaging Partners can select their candidate earlier in the hiring process.

Supporting Partner

Tech Ladder understands that finding highly skilled tech talent is challenging in today’s job market, not only for large corporations but for startups and smaller businesses too. As a Tech Ladder Hiring Partner, companies of all sizes gain access to the organization’s graduates and have an opportunity to share more about their tech teams, company mission and culture.

Academic Partner

We all know that technology changes at a rapid pace, and what companies need to build their business and analyze their data can evolve throughout the year. That’s why, a Tech Ladder Academic Partner is critical to creating the school’s training curriculum.

Friend of Tech Ladder

Building strong connections throughout the Delaware community and beyond is key to advancing Tech Ladder’s mission. Friends of Tech Ladder consist of the area’s ongoing connectors – those who introduce the organization to human resource executives, chief information officers and other movers and shakers in the community who want to recruit and educate great tech talent.

Current Partners and Supporters

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Learn more about how to partner with us and start filling your vacancies with skilled, knowledgeable and talented coders today!